Friday, May 1, 2009

Working & Living Abroad

Having lived and worked overseas for nearly three years, I can attest to the many opportunities that are available for job seekers that are interested in living abroad. My transition to SE Asia in 2004 was phenomenal! I settled into my new home very quickly.

I highly recommend that job seekers explore opportunities overseas as an option. Depending on which country you go to and what company you work for, your salary could be tax free. If you have children there tuition could be paid for at a prestigious international school. How about your company paying for your housing...does that excite you? How about not having a car note or car insurance to worry about? Are you interested in having domestic staff (housekeeper, nanny, cook and driver)?

Well, if none of those things interest you, how about the opportunity to explore and become acclimated to another culture, another way of life uniquely different from your own? How about the chance to travel the world and experience different food and different customs? Still not interested? How about making a great salary in the process?

Now that I have your attention, here are some strategies for people looking into the possibility of job opportunities overseas (

Tammy Turner
Kapstone Recruiting & Training Services