Tuesday, July 28, 2009

15 Tips for the Frustrated Job-Seeker

Looking for a new job can be very frustrating. As with any new adventure that you embark upon, you must have the tools necessary to be successful in your venture. Job-hunting is no different. Here's a short list of to-do's for job seekers (not in any particular order).

  1. Get registered with a recruiter.

  2. Have a killer resume (that includes "key words").

  3. Get LinkedIn.

  4. Search your network (for resources and referrals).

  5. If you don't have a network...BUILD ONE.

  6. Role play the interview with someone that will give you honest feedback.

  7. Get daily job alerts emailed to you (Indeed.com, Google, etc.)

  8. Do not post your resume on job boards (recruiters consider that low-hanging fruit).

  9. Prepare a short story to intro yourself in an interview (information that is NOT on your resume).

  10. Dress for SUCCESS!

  11. Check out TwitterJobSearch.com.

  12. Connect with Recruiters/Hiring Managers on Twitter and Facebook.

  13. Learn how to market your transferable skills.

  14. Stay focused and be disciplined.

  15. Take a serious look at entrepreneurship!

Tammy Turner


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