Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to "Tweet" Your Way to a Job

In today's current economy, with unemployment at an all time high, job seekers should utilize every avenue accessible to them to seek and obtain employment. Technology has simplified the process for job seekers. Gone are the days of sending a hard copy resume to a potential employer on "fancy resume paper".

Twitter as well as many of the other social media sites make it easier for job seekers to have direct contact with hiring managers. For the novice Tweeter (Twitter User), you have 140 characters to represent yourself to a hiring manager. How can you capture the attention of a hiring manager in 140 characters, you ask? Here's how (

As a job seeker, be sure to utilize every tool in your toolbox to aid in your job search. Happy Tweeting!

Tammy Turner
Kapstone Recruiting & Training Services, LLC

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